EISC Guidelines and Procedures

The Environmental Impact Screening Guidelines (PDF, 664 KB) and Rules of Procedure (PDF, 704 KB) have been revised. Please note that these documents are subject to final editorial review but are nonetheless in force.


EISC Registry Site

Please note that the EISC has made changes to the Project Description submission process. Please follow the link to our Registry Site. The Committee requires the following in addition to the registry submission:


  1. One hard copy should be forwarded to the EISC Office.
  2. One hard copy should be forwarded to each Hunters and Trappers Committee (HTC) contacted during the community consultation process. Please note that an HTC office may appreciate receiving more than one hard copy. Please contact them directly to discuss their requirements.


If you require any assistance, please contact our office.


Last Updated: April 25, 2014
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